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Modify your old console without soldering skills or expensive tools I will do it for you.

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Playstation 1 MODE Install service

playstation mode
Playstation 1 MODE

Ps1 MODE install service form:

You need a MODE unit: Purchase MODE for PS1.
This kit is only compatible with PU-18, if the SCPH is 5001 check that it also have the PU-18.
Open your Playstation console and verify that your Motherboard revision is PU-18
Example : xstation example

• Supports SCPH-550x and SCPH-500x model Playstations with PU-18 motherboard revision
• (except some early SCPH-5001 models that use PU-8 motherboard)
• Compatible with PS1Digital HDMI mod
• Fully supports Redump image sets
• Modchips must be removed (MM3, Mayumi, PsNee, Old Crow, etc.)
• Compatible with PS-IO Switchboard
• MODE fully supports the LibCrypt protected games.

For more info: Check user manual.

PlayStation 1 Mods

If you bought an Xstation from CastleManiaGames I can install it for you.

If you bought a PSio from Cybdyn Systems I can install it for you.

This service is for mail in modification for your Playstation 1 with HDMI Digital Kit.

Memcard PRO: A playstation 1 memcard with infinite virtual cards Purchase.

Playstation pico psu : Allows external power supply which consumes less power, runs much cooler and safer (optional comes with a fan).

Install service for Terraoniom MODE multi optical drive emulator in your Playstation 1 console .

DFO - MFO mod for your Ps1. In order to play NTCS andPAL games on any console with perfect colour and timing switching from 50 60hz and 25 30fps

I replace all the old main motherboard smd capacitors with high quality solid state capacitors
Ps1 recap service
Only motherboard
For PSU I suggest directly replace for PICO PSU

ps1 recap example