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Video: Cables, switchers, hdmi converters, scalers, and others.

If you want to play NTCS games on your PAL console, you will need an RGB cable
Futhermore it will increase the picture quality
xstation example

Some PAL consoles doesn't support RGB without modification, example:
Nintendo 64: you will need an RGB mod
Playstation 1: you wil need to install a dual frequency oscillator, or an xstation which already have one integrated

There are a lot of type cables for the old consoles, and only some of them support RGB example:

  • AV video
  • RCA
  • YPbPr
  • Composite video
  • Component video
  • S-video

More info
There are different sync mechanisms:

CSYNC: Perfect signal - can be dangerous - compatibilty issues.
Sync on Luma: Almost perfect - less compatibilty issues.

Not all consoles support all types of cables, and all types of sync for example Super Nintendo PAL doesnt support csync and you can damage your console.
In adition some scalers, switchers, or TVs doesnt support Csync or Luma, please check your setup before purchase a cable.

Before purchase cable think about the posible sync and cable type if you planing to get a SWITCHER and or SCALER there are compatibility considerations,
some switchers can or not support some sync and are designed for one or more types of input, the same think with SCALERS.

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PS1 csync cable: PS1 CSYNC

PS1 luma sync cable: PS1 LUMA

PS1 Genesis adapter PS1 Genesis adapter YPBR (to use ypbr genesis cable on the PS1)
Genesis YPBR cable

Suppose that you want to purchase high quality RGB cables for your console. If you have many consoles, its a good idea to put them together to a SWITCH and connect the SWITCH to your TV. More info about switches

  • They detect which console is turned on
  • Need a power supply (you can connect them to the TV if your TV have a usb with power)

HIDRA - SCART: (not recommended)

  • Doesnt come with power supply
  • Its very easy to break it if you dont use it correctly, example disconect the scart cable while the switch its on XD
  • More or less cheap
  • -Purchase Hidra

GSCART - SCART: (recommended)

  • It includes a sync striper so its compatible with all kind of syncs: csync, luma. More info
  • Dual output
  • Expensive 250 eur
  • Purchase GSCART

OTAKU GAMES - SCART AUTO (not recommended)

  • You need to push a button to select the desired output console.
  • Usually doesn't require a power supply.
  • Usually they output what they receive without any proccessing.
  • Please don't buy amazon or ebay bad quality switchers will blurry the output.

OTAKU GAMES SWITCHERS (not recommended)

  • They can dispatch your order after 3 months.
  • They doesn't speak english so no support.
  • Allows ouput SCART and RCA YPBR in the same unit.

SVB7725 (recommended)

  • Not possible to purchse to official seller since its discontinued
  • Try to find it on ebay or somewhere

Now you have your all your consoles with high quality RGB cable and your SWITCHER to your TV But your TV its very moderm and : A: doesnt allow your old input - You can purchase a HDMI converter, it just convert to HDMI but doesnt increase the quality and usully they just dont work and may add LAG/LATENCY when output. B: your TV doesnt allow old input (scart, composite etc) and its 4k so even with a converter the image looks so blurry because of the console resolution its too small even not compatible since minimum may be 400x600. Then you may want to add a SCALER to your setup

  • convert old input to new hdmi standar.
  • Add lag/latency but not much, depending of the model.
  • Scale the image so increase the resolution and quality.
  • Process the image to increase quality.

  • Avalaibility : usually stock its 0.
  • Cost: expensive but its more expensive to purchase and install hdmi mod even more if you own many consoles.
  • Add lag/latency. if you are a pro player of a fighthing game like Tekken you will not like not even 0,1 of lag.
  • Compatibility issues: for example the scaler must be compatible with: input of your console example EURO SCART, and with the SYNC (Csync , Luma).
  • NO SUPPORT! : usually creators of these mods will not have an open chanel to comunicate with, and even if you search the mon twitter (where they're active) they reserve the right of answer you, even if you're a customer :).

Because of compatibility, actually I dont know if its possible to do this setup: switcher_setup

Obiously I tried to get support but no answer hehe, so when I test will update this article.


  • Nice quality
  • Add a delay of 4 frames (hight)
  • Very expensive (300 - 400 eur)
  • Purchase FRAMEISTER


GBS-C AIO: (I recommend this one)

RETROTINK: (not recommended)

  • Decent quality
  • No support
  • Compatibility issues with some sync (csync)
  • Requires direct connection from console not possible use a SWITCHER.

If you don't want to mess with all these things (normal), another option is to purchase a cable for your old console which already output HDMI

  • It add lag.
  • Usually doesn't scale too much or doesn't scale at all.
  • They may process the image to increase quality.
  • Cheap.
  • Some of them (like in the case of PS1) requires power supply.

Ps1 RAD2X cable: Purchase Ps1 RAD2X
Nintendo 64 and Gamecube RAD2X cable: Purchase N64 RAD2X