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Modify your old console without soldering skills or expensive tools I will do it for you.

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Nintendo64 TW RGB - N64 RGB MOD

xstation example
N64 TW RGB Kit

TW RGB - N64 RGB MOD install service form:

If you are going to purchase yourself : Purchase.
Some of the later PAL models of Nintendo 64 have a fine pitch DAC chip: MAV-NUS or AVDC-NUS. This requires an extra adapter.
If the video chip of your nintendo is one of these, make sure to request to the merchant the DAC adapter
Example: xstation example

Nintendo 64 Mods

If you bought an N64Digital kit from pixelFX I can install it for you.

TW RGB - N64 RGB MOD Its a modified ETIM mod with Deblur feature (Gives Games a Sharper Pixel Look)
I can install it and purchase for you.

Attention: This RGB kit is only compatible with N64 consoles that has a serial number beginning with NS1. If your N64 console begins with a serial number other than NS1, it is NOT compatible.
I can install it and purchase for you.

A cartridge with SD card support
You can purchase Everdrive at the official site for 175 USD: Purchase Everdrive 64

I replace all the old main motherboard smd capacitors with high quality solid state capacitors
N64 recap service

n64 recap example