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Modify your old console without soldering skills or expensive tools I will do it for you.

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If you bought a DCHDMI kit from kaicolab I can install it for you.

If you bought a DCDigital kit from Black Dog Technology I can install it for you.

If you bought a Pico PSU or DreamPSU I can install it for you.

I do not offer this install service since doens't require soldering skills but I recommend this mod.
You can purchase GDEMU at the official site for 130 €: Purchase official GDEMU
Or get a clone for around 50 € on ebay, as far as I know there is not major difference apparently you need a official one in order to have firmware updates, adn I guess that the clone material quality is a little worse.

Dreamcast DCdigital hdmi

xstation example
DCdigital QSB

DCdigital install service form:

Its not impossible but kinda hard to find the DCdigital of black dog
If you can't find it I recommend to try the DChdmi from kaicolabs: Dchdmi kaico.